Tyvek® 500 Xpert and Tyvek ® 800 J at an open coal mine in Siberia

Case Study
For more than 10 years, Sumitec International uses Tyvek® coveralls to protect mining equipment repairmen. "Our priority is safety of our employees," says Maria Zakharova, Occupational Safety Specialist at Sumitec International. "Employees can perform a variety of work without fear of chemical contamination. For many years Tyvek® coveralls remain the best for us."

Excavators, bulldozers, pipe layers, heavy-duty off-road dump trucks, electric forklifts and other sophisticated vehicles operate in open quarry conditions and are exposed to external factors, thus requiring regular maintenance and repair. Most of the equipment is large in size, therefore the work is carried out at the customer's site, often without leaving the place of operation and almost always in the open air. Repairmen are exposed to all kinds of pollutants from both the vehicles and environment. Oils and lubricants, coal dust and soot, dirt and lack of roads, the scorching sun and heavy rains – the working conditions are quite extreme. 



The company takes the safety of its employees in all seriousness just as a large Japanese corporation with centuries-old traditions – it uses only reliable means of protection of well-known brands that have been tested by time and workers. 


"We tried coveralls from different companies, but choose Tyvek® 500 Xpert and have been purchasing only this brand for 10 years.” 

Maria Zakharova, Occupational Safety Specialist at Sumitec International


Recently, a new Tyvek® 800 J coveralls for protection against oily liquids was brought for testing. We tested it under actual working conditions while draining used oil from an excavator engine. This process requires a person to be well-protected, because used lubricants contain several chemical admixtures that can be absorbed through the skin. Tyvek® 800 J performed remarkably well – not a single drop of oil reached the repairman's clothes or body. In the future, we will also purchase these types of Tyvek® coveralls.”

Sumitec International is the Russian representative office of the Japanese Sumitomo Corporation. The company supplies the Russian market with a plethora of special equipment for enterprises working in construction, road building and the oil and gas sectors, as well as in the coal, gold mining and other mining industries. It also provides warranty and after-sales service for the supplied equipment.


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