Kevlar® for PPE


Reliable mechanical protection against a range of multiple hazard risks...

For more than 50 years, garments made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber have been providing wearers access to industry-leading Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) solutions. Front line workers across a range of applications prefer garments made with Kevlar® because they offer high protection benefits and are also lightweight and comfortable. Garments made with Kevlar® is commonly found in Law Enforcement, Emergency Response and Industrial Manufacturing environments.

Kevlar® was designed to perform a cut above the competition…

The development of Kevlar® was the result of many years of material science innovation conducted by DuPont technical teams. This investment in research and development led to the creation of Kevlar® and other proprietary new fiber technology solutions. Workers who wear PPE made with Kevlar® can now do their jobs knowing their PPE features the benefits of decades of DuPont material science innovation.

Cut and Thermal protection designed for a range of applications…

Workers know that gloves and sleeves made with Kevlar® provide protection that meets or exceeds industry safety standards. Garments made with Kevlar® can also withstand temperatures up to 900° F for extended periods due to the inherent flame-resistance of the fiber. Kevlar® will not burn or melt, unlike standard materials like nylon and leather, so it represents a smarter choice for workers who encounter both cut and thermal hazards as part of their daily tasks.



Pushing the boundaries of hand protection. Join us for Live testing from the DuPont Lab! 

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Gloves made with Kevlar®—Dare to protect


Kevlar® Engineered Yarns

The patented technology of Kevlar® engineered yarns delivers next-generation performance, protection and comfort.


Innovating for sustainability

DuPont Personal Protection brings together some of the most trusted names in personal protective equipment (PPE)—Tyvek®, Tychem®, Nomex® and Kevlar®—to provide unparalleled solutions that protect workers against chemical, thermal, electric arc, mechanical and other workplace hazards.

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Cut & mechanical protection 

Only Kevlar® can protect against multiple hazards, while keeping workers comfortable. And DuPont can help guide you through the new standards, innovation possibilities and more.


Kevlar® for emergency response  

100% Kevlar® is inherently flame resistant and doesn’t ignite, melt or degrade in heat.

Technical videos showing Kevlar® performance

Cut & mechanical protection technical videos

See the performance of Kevlar® put to the test.

Kevlar® Innovation Awards drives innovations in Kevlar® protection

Protection Innovation Award

The Protection Innovation Award gives authorized licensees an opportunity to showcase how they advanced their designs with Kevlar® and Nomex® fibers to challenge the norms of traditional protection.