PPE Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

PPE Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry


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Are your workers, processes and environments really protected?

Workers in the oil & gas industry face many on-the-job hazards, including flash fire; slick, oily surfaces; sharp edges; punctures; heat; uncontrolled pressure release; and exposure to hazardous chemicals, dust and solvents—to name just a few.

Providing workers with the protection they need for the hazards they face is a major responsibility. DuPont Personal Protection has the in-depth knowledge, unparalleled expertise and broad portfolio of PPE solutions to help keep your workers safe. 

DuPont PPE solutions are designed to meet or exceed global standards for protection and performance, including European Standards-International Organization for Standardization (EN ISO), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), ASTM International, Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) and China GB National Standards.

To help you in the decision-making process, from risk assessment through implementation, we recommend using the 4P methodology:


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Drilling, producing and refining oil & gas involves high-risk tasks in  extreme conditions

To remain competitive, oil & gas companies are embracing new technology and focusing on improving productivity and efficiency from oil rigs to petrochemical refineries.

Workers in the oil & gas industry perform many high-risk tasks that involve potential flash fires, mechanical hazards and exposure to a wide range of hazardous chemicals. In some cases, these high-risk tasks are performed under extreme weather conditions and in remote locations.

As a result, workers in the oil & gas industry face multiple workplace hazards in a very dynamic work environment and health, safety and environment (HSE) managers have many tasks to balance. 

DuPont offers a broad range of PPE solutions to address these hazards, including: Nomex® garments for flash fire hazards; Tyvek® garments for protection against fine particle hazards and low level liquid splashes; Tychem® garments and gloves made with Kevlar® for cut and multi-hazard protection. DuPont experts are also available to work side by side with the HSE manager to help simplify the process of properly matching PPE to the hazards your workers face.




    Protection for every task


Protection against a wide range of chemicals and particulates
Industry-leading cut performance
Arc flash protection along with heat and flame resistance
Better protection at longer exposures and higher temperatures

Resists tears and abrasions
Extremely durable and long-lasting protective solutions
Inherent protection; can’t be washed out or worn away

Nomex® Fabric for Oil & Gas

When it comes to FR protection, DuPont™ Nomex® continues to meet and exceed global standards for protection and performance—providing safety managers with peace of mind and workers with the confidence to get the job done.


4P methodology for electric arc flash hazard assessment 

By taking a holistic approach to arc flash risk and protection, the 4P Methodology simplifies hazard assessment to four steps. 


Personal Protective Equipment

From first responders, to industrial workers, to warfighters, we provide the innovative personal protective equipment solutions to overcome any challenge. 



From FR apparel to cut resistant gloves and sleeves to chemical protective coveralls, find the right PPE for the hazards you face at SafeSPEC™.

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