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Because everyone has someone depending on them to get home safely


Protection that every hero deserves

Every time the alarm sounds, emergency responders put their lives on the line to protect others. It’s always been a dangerous job and the hazards continue to intensify.

54% of on-duty firefighter deaths related to heat stress1

Heat stress—a major hazard 

Gear should prevent heat penetration to allow firefighters enough time to safely escape from an emergency while also managing the risks from heat stress, which is a major cause of firefighter deaths. With its higher air permeability, Nomex® helps reduce heat stress.

1 R.F. Fahy, J.T. Petrillo and J.L. Molis, “Firefighter Fatalities in the US—2019,” National Fire Protection Association: Quincy, MA, 2020

Protection + comfort = fewer injuries and deaths

Balancing protection and comfort—a critical concern

Firefighter gear must stand up to all the thermal hazards firefighters face while also helping them to get the job done with the least amount of heat stress and without getting in the way of mobility or situational awareness. With its inherent heat and flame resistance and lightweight strength, Nomex® fiber provides low weight and high thermal protection

61% of career firefighter line-of-duty deaths from cancer2 due to chronic chemical and smoke exposures

Harmful particulates— an unseen threat

A room filled with modern furnishings reaches flashover in just 3 minutes and 40 seconds compared to 29 minutes and 25 seconds for a “legacy” room. These modern rooms not only reach flashover much faster; they release a multitude of toxic substances that are carried by the smoke.3 Over time, exposure to these harmful particulates can lead to coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer and respiratory diseases.4 With its superior particle barrier performance, Nomex® Nano Flex helps make products like firefighter hoods more protective against harmful particulates.

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4 International Agency for Research on Cancer, (2019) List of Classifications, Volumes 1-123, World Health Organization.


Nomex® Xtreme Performance

Nomex® Xtreme Performance solutions provide emergency responders with industry-leading performance before, during and after a fire.


Recommended PPE

From the first alarm to the all-clear signal, DuPont provides emergency responders with solutions for industry-leading PPE that meet or exceed global standards—providing those who put their lives on the line with the protection they deserve.


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