Nomex® for stationwear


Firefighter apparel — thermal protection from the inside out


Whether on the fireground or working around the station, there is no downtime for firefighters. Firefighter apparel made with DuPont™ Kevlar® and Nomex® fibers helps provide reliable protection against the hazards firefighters face on the job.

Firefighter clothing, like Stationwear made with Nomex® fiber, helps provide added protection against extreme heat and flame. When faced with these hazards, Stationwear made with Nomex® brand fiber comes to their defense. DuPont™ Nomex® brand fiber is an inherently flame-resistant material and will not melt, drip, or support combustion in the air when exposed to extreme heat and flame.  We test Stationwear garments using Thermo-Man® to analyze and predict the levels of thermal protection that it provides.   Stationwear made with Nomex® brand fiber is compliant with NFPA 1975.  It will not melt, drip or support combustion, compared to 100% cotton, and reduces the predicted burn injury by 50% when exposed to a three second flame.

Stationwear made with Nomex® also addresses the need for protective apparel that’s both comfortable and affordable. Unlike cotton fabrics, it can be washed up to 125 times, so you can get more wear from it. And it doesn’t need to be ironed to maintain its professional appearance. Stationwear made with Nomex® is ready to answer any call, at any time. Just like firefighters.  For specific laundering instructions, please contact the manufacturers of Stationwear made with Nomex®.


Nomex® is lightweight & breathable

Lightweight, with excellent breathability

Nomex® helps reduce the threat of heat stress

Helps reduce the threat of heat stress, which can cause fatigue, disorientation, and heat exhaustion

Nomex® stationwear is affordable

The average wear life of Stationwear made of Nomex® is about five years, and it can be washed and worn at least 125 times, making it an affordable choice

Nomex® stationwear lasts about five years

Lasts an average of five years; cotton only lasts one


What’s under your turnout gear matters

See how stationwear made with Nomex® outperforms polyester and cotton garments when the heat is on.


What’s underneath your gear matters


Nomex® for stationwear

Nomex® for stationwear is comfortable, lightweight, and inherently flame resistant— providing an additional layer of protection underneath turnout gear.

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What’s underneath your gear matters


Nomex® for emergency response

Those who dedicate their lives to protecting ours deserve the best protection available.


Nomex® for turnout gear

From the first alarm until the fire is out, the inherent heat and flame resistance of Nomex® provides the superior on-the-job protection that every firefighter deserves.


Nomex® for wildland firefighting protection

From brush pants to jumpsuits, Nomex® provides comfortable, flexible and superior thermal protection for the brave firefighters who take on the most extreme wildfires.  


Get the Facts — 1-Min Videos

A series of 1-min videos for creative demonstrations on our protective garments and gloves.