FR Facial Protection: Reducing COVID-19 transmission in areas with FR hazards

FR Face Masks

At DuPont, we’re committed to providing materials for FR PPE that can help provide essential workers with the protection they need to do their jobs safely, while adhering to European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) guidelines. As per the guidance by ECDC*, the use of face masks in the community may primarily serve as a mean of source control.

While many people can simply use medical, respiratory and textile masks for facial protection, essential industrial workers, including those in oil and gas, chemical, electrical utility and manufacturing, require PPE face masks that can withstand the FR hazards they face on the job.

  • Nomex® masks won’t melt, drip or burn; non-FR masks would ignite causing severe burn during heat & flame and arc accidents.
  • Masks made out of Nomex® Nano Flex also protect against viruses & bacteria**:

Virus Filtration efficiency > 95% & Bacterial Filtration efficiency > 97%

  • Nomex® is inherently flame resistant, providing protection that’s built into the fiber and can’t be washed out or worn away.
  • Nomex® is lightweight and low-linting, providing the best balance of comfort and protection.
  • Nomex® masks also support sustainability offering re-usability and high durability for the wearer.

When used as face, nose and mouth coverings: balaclavas, snoods, masks and hoods made with Nomex® can be worn in environments that require FR protection, as well as may help meet the ECDC guidance for wearing masks.

Our trusted partners offer several FR facial protection products made with Nomex® Fabric and Nomex® Nano Flex that are available for purchase. To help you find the right facial protection for your job, we’ve included a reference chart. For further assistance from one of our sales representatives, please contact us.


*ECDC recommendation regarding the use of face masks in the community: Reducing COVID-19 transmission from potentially asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic people through the use of face masks.

**VFE according to ASTM F2101 & BFE according to EN 14683:2019, (Annex C) and ASTM F2100-19, measured at Nelson Laboratories (USA)

Nomex® Nano Flex: Balaclavas, hoods and masks

Nomex® Nano Flex is a highly breathable FR material that delivers superior particle barrier performance and protect also against viruses & bacteria. Thinner and lighter than other FR materials, Nomex® Nano Flex delivers industry-leading protection without sacrificing comfort.


Nomex® Fabric: Balaclavas, hoods and masks  

Nomex® Fabric provides a tested and proven portfolio of FR solutions that meet or exceed global standards for heat, flame and arc flash protection.






- Flame Retardant face coverings in times of social distancing 


In this episode we will answer the question why FR face coverings are important in times of social distancing, go through the selection process for face coverings as well as present DuPont Nomex® FR face covering solutions.


Nomex® Fabric Solutions

The tested and proven performance of DuPont™ Nomex® is now available in lightweight, comfortable, highly breathable fabrics that meet or exceed international standards for protection and performance. From arc flash to heat and flame, Nomex® fabric helps you face every job with confidence.

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