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Making Safety Better

Teaming up for Protecting Workers

By taking a more systemic view, and considering the vulnerabilities in your operation companies can better address and mitigate risks.

Not sure how to measure the exposure at your workplace? Learn how with an industry expert who will share the best practice examples during this session.

Stay protected as we take you through the DuPont™ SafeSPEC™ tool. Discover how to select the best equipment based on hazards, materials and more.

When it comes to thermal hazards, there is no room for error. Wearing inappropriate undergarments beneath FR clothing may compromise your safety. With a Thermo-Man® demonstration, we’ll show you FR clothing action, demonstrating the importance and impacts of layering appropriately.

Learn the value of great product design when it comes to protecting your teams. Witness the different design consequences with a Thermo-Man® test.

Without a robust safety culture, prevention efforts and even PPE will not effectively protect your people. Mathieu Leduc, Director at DuPont Sustainable Solutions, will present the findings of new research on safety culture and present 5 key actions that companies must take to improve their safety culture.

The right personal protective equipment isn’t just about the material or the design. It’s also about correct wearing practices. In this expert session, we will expain you the correct donning and doffing procedures to help you stay safe.

Rules of the Road

Teaming up for Compliance

Do you understand the implications of ignoring health and safety regulations? In this session, you’ll find out more about your legal liability while protecting your workers. This expert-led presentation looks at the ramifications of safety practices for employers and manufacturers, using examples from South Africa.

In this session, a cleanroom professor will outline the critical importance of the cleanroom operator and their role in the production process. <br><br>

Experience Explored

Teaming up for Shared Learning

Keeping firefighters safe from flames is essential, but we also need to keep them clean from contamination. In this session, we’ll share learnings from US professional firefighters, demonstrating the chemical hazards of fires and how to decontaminate your gear.

Listen to the industry expert sharing their experience in adapting their PPE strategy to the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

The hazards of wildland fires are more than just heat and flames. Explore the avenues for improved protection from professional firefighters from the USA.

Learn from a global pharmaceutical expert ‘the downside’ vs. the benefits of control banding to stay safe.

Is There a Future for Smart Textiles in the PPE World? <br> With ever-changing legislation, trends and technological advancements, our attitudes towards smart textiles are evolving. Hear opinions from experts like Centexbel and Clim8 on the future of smart textiles, with a key focus on manufacturing, standards and wearers' needs.

Acting Responsibly

Teaming up Because We Care

Tech Central

Teaming up Around Science and Technology

When working with electrical installations, it’s essential to understand the risks that could potentially be life-threatening. DuPont™ Arc-Man® simulated arc flash will assess the performance of the personal protective clothing in action. Discover why testing is so important to protect against electric arc and serious injury. In this session, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of risk management and how to assess your PPE, helping to keep you and your teams safe.

Without question, safety is the top priority for personal protective equipment, but without comfort, wearers may not be able to carry out their jobs safely. In this expert session, we’ll talk you through the essentials of wearer’s comfort and hazard safeguarding. Discover how to choose the right gear to strike the balance between safety and comfort.

For protection in even the most dangerous of situations, testing is essential. In this live session, an industry expert will take you through the key differences between electric arc tests, from ATPV and ELIM to box tests. Take no chances with this comprehensive electrical safety presentation.

If you’re facing risks of intense electric arcs, you need to trust your PPE. Discover how to layer lightweight garments for better protection than single-layered heavyweight solutions, while increasing your comfort.

When facing mechanical hazards, using the appropriate cut-protective gloves is essential. With simulated tests, experts from Meyrin will demonstrate the differences between two industry standard cut tests to measure the efficacy of your PPE: TDM 100 and the Coup cup test methods.

Choosing the right personal protective equipment is one thing – learning how to use it is another. In this demonstration, you’ll witness the consequences of wearing chemical protective clothing incorrectly.

What's New on the Safety Block

Teaming up for Industry Innovations and Initiatives

Have you checked if your personal protective equipment is still compliant after Brexit? In this session, discover how to meet the new requirements.

DuPont Leadership

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