New Flagship in Non-Combustibles




The product provides the incredible combination of features almost impossible to match in the marketspace, which include the highest level of water holdout (W1), high breathability (SD 0.08), and non-combustible (A2-s1, d0) properties.



Tyvek® Trifecta™ is a sought after non-combustible solution for weatherproofing of exterior walls suited for high-rise and higher-risk buildings (18 meters and above in England, Wales and Northern Ireland; 11 meters and above in Scotland). Its durability and fire performance exceeds current regulations, provides ultimate peace of mind for architects, contractors, owners, and occupants alike.

Material satisfies the design needs for all use and types of buildings, including reinforced concrete frame structures with wall infills, conventional on-site LGSF studs and SFS systems, ventilated façade systems and prefabricated panelized wall elements.

Purpose of Tyvek® Trifecta™ is to deliver ultimate performance of highest quality that is futureproofed, responsibly manufactured and coherently sustainable. Product allows to manage moisture & humidity, fire safety risks and achieve energy efficiency objectives dexterously. All this provides longer lifespan to the building structure, making it serve longer hence overall carbon footprint is less.

In addition, application of Tyvek® Trifecta™ with overlaps sealed using A2 fire rated DuPont™ AirGuard® FR System Tape, provides rigid solution to building envelopes making them more airtight hence energy efficient, thermally comforting at the same time allowing to pursue better indoor air quality aspirations subsequently leading to higher degree of occupant satisfaction.

Product width of 1.5 meter and a weight of 400 g/m² allows easier and faster installation with less need for connections and taping, saving both time and money. Warranty of 25-year provides assurance of reliability.

Tyvek® Trifecta™ has been already installed on numerous prominent buildings in the UK.  Learn more about the latest, exciting, and ground-breaking addition to DuPont offering!

Visit our website, learn more and benefit from Tyvek® Trifecta™ for your next project — Tyvek® Trifecta™ A2 Fire-Rated Breather Membrane ( Tyvek® Trifecta™ is currently available in the United Kingdom only.