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Rainscreen Cladding Systems

Durable Protection for Rainscreen Cladding Systems

Where there is a risk of moisture penetration through the insulation and internal layers, a protection membrane behind the insulation is advised.


Rainscreen cladding systems differ from other wall constructions, as although the membrane is still fixed directly to the structure, it is  situated behind the insulation. The material to specify is dependant on the risk of condensation at this interface, determined in the main by the temperature. 

Permanent protection for open and ventilated rainscreen cladding

Modern open and ventilated rainscreen claddings offer great design opportunities for architects and builders alike. Open and ventilated rainscreen cladding systems are constantly exposed to the elements, so it is essential to fit a secondary membrane that can protect the underlying structures long-term from air, moisture and UV radiation.

Developed specially for open-jointed rainscreen cladding systems, Tyvek® UV Facade is a protective membrane that bears the CE mark for these applications – your guarantee of full conformity with the rigorous EU directive for construction products.

Meeting the Ageing Test

To obtain its CE mark for open rainscreen cladding systems, Tyvek® UV Facade had to resist 5,000 hours of artificial ageing by exposure to UV radiation, followed by 90 days’ exposure to temperatures of 70°C. By comparison, CE requirements for standard wall/roof applications specify just 336 hours of UV exposure.

Tyvek® UV Facade is wind- and watertight, yet vapour-open. Designed for open and ventilated rainscreen cladding systems in timber, metal, stone and other materials, it is extremely lightweight, flexible and easy to install.

Together with DuPontTM AirGuard® Control, Smart or Reflective vapour control layers, Tyvek® membranes create a complementary building envelope solution that manages moisture, is suitable for rainscreen cladding systems, and supports optimal energy efficiency.

Our full range of DuPont tapes and accessories works seamlessly with all these products to help you achieve better seals – and even greater energy efficiency.


Tyvek® Breather Membrane Solutions

Breather membranes play a key role in protecting buildings and occupants from the elements. Investing in a quality solution like DuPont™ Tyvek® can help provide long-term building protection – and peace of mind too.


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Tyvek® & AirGuard® Sealing Tapes

Tyvek® and AirGuard® sealing tapes and accessories are specifically designed to complement Tyvek® breather membranes and AirGuard® air and vapour control membranes. They help to seal the building envelope, offering optimal airtightness, energy efficiency, long-term performance and durability.


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AirGuard®: Vapour Control Layer Solutions 

An AirGuard® vapour control layer can significantly reduce heat loss and increase energy efficiency. By controlling heat transfer and reflecting heat inside the building, they help keep buildings cool in summer, and warm in winter.


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