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Nomex® Layering Systems
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High Arc protection with Nomex® materials

Electrical workers in utilities, automotive, oil and gas as well as mining industries need personal protection from high incident energy arc hazards.

Arc flash hazards can be addressed either with arc flash suits or with layering systems, both of which have different characteristics and properties, depending on what the user is looking for.

Arc Flash Suits

Arc-flash suits are very effective and offer simplicity of use. They are often available in kits that are rated to a specific incident energy level which can include full body protection along with a hood, gloves, suit and sometimes, shoes. A complete system removes the chances of error in selecting each component independently.

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Some end users prefer the flexibility of choosing their own base layers to build the desired of layer of protection that they need for a task. This allows them to wear an everyday base layer and supplement it with additional layers of protection as needed to maximize comfort and functionality for the worker.

Layering is wearing independent, arc-rated clothing layers one over the other until reaching the required ATPV protection level, instead of a traditional high arc suit. The layers can be worn independently or together; however, the key is that the layers are tested together as a system.

For example, wearing an 8 cal/cm2 coverall over 4 cal/cm2 pants and shirt doesn’t mean that the system will be adequate for 12cal/cm2 protection. The system must be tested together to determine arc rating.

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NOTE: Layering allows for the layers to be repeatedly laundered between uses without compromising protection. Additionally, layering costs less than traditional arc rated suits, so each user can have his or her own clothing. It is important to consider that layering requires knowledge to ensure users are properly protected.

Layering can also be effective when protection is needed from hazards such as toxic chemicals in addition to the arc hazard so the worker can wear a chemical protective suit on top of their primary arc protective clothing.


DuPont offers a variety of material options to create multi layered systems as well as high arc suits.

DuPont Nomex® helps protect wearers appropriately in different industries and working environments. Over more than 50 years, Nomex® is trusted amongst industrial workers at risk from flash fire and electric arc hazards, for providing the inherent protection they need, along with improved comfort and durability.

The addition of multiple layers of DuPont materials can yield high arc ratings. Such combinations can be used for layered solutions as well as in the construction of arc flash suits.

The table below highlights some of the tested layering combinations made with Nomex®. For additional information, please contact your Nomex® account manager.

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Nomex® fabric for manufacturing & transportation

Because tough jobs call for tougher protection, Nomex® fabric offers proven FR and arc flash solutions for the hazards that manufacturing and transportation workers face.


Nomex® fabric for utilities

When everything is on the line, Nomex® fabric delivers superior arc flash protection for electricians, wiremen and linemen.