Nomex® Helps Protect against Chemical Splash Hazards

DuPont™ Nomex® Helps Protect against Chemical Splash Hazards | DuPont Nomex®
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Chemical hazards can occur in conjunction with thermal hazards, such as accidental splashes of chemical products onto protective clothing, or through leakages of chemical products.

Fabrics made of Nomex® fibres successfully pass the DuPont pressure simulation test in which the fabric is exposed to a concentrated acid during 15 minutes, whereas cotton or cotton blends having received flame-retardant chemical treatment come out destroyed. The test also shows that Nomex® fibres are inherently resistant to many chemicals, on top of their flame-resistant properties.

In addition, fabrics made of Nomex® fibres can help offer protection against chemical hazards (addressing EN 13034, type 6 accidental splashes) if the fabric is treated, for example, with an appropriate fluorocarbon finish. However, this fluorocarbon finish may need to be regularly reapplied to maintain performance, and can reduce the breathability or the comfort of a fabric or garment.