Beware false economies. Quality and reliability matters - and as weed control fabrics represent less than 1% of the typical overall cost of a landscaping project – fabric choice should be about the wisest investment, not the cheapest option. Selecting an inferior product could result in both costly maintenance issues and unsatisfactory aesthetics. On the other hand, installing a dependable landscape fabric with proven performance will pay dividends in terms of a more professional finish, minimal weed management, long-term and sustainable plant cultivation. DuPont offers a complete and comprehensive range of products to arm professionals in the fight against weeds. These range from basic weed control products ideal for ornamental gardening and landscaping to specialised products for long term weed control, to products designed specifically for the control of aggressive and invasive weeds: 

Plantex® Platinium

- specially designed for controlling invasive and aggressive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed, for use in covered applications.

 Plantex® Platinium Solar

 - for the uncovered control of weeds in solar farms or sensitive technical installations that need long-term protection, where weeds can cause safety issues or where covering the fabric is technically not possible

Plantex® Gold

- a long-lasting and highly effective barrier against tough weeds such as couch grass, horsetail and bindweed, ideal for application on slopes where it can be used covered as well as uncovered 

Plantex® Cocomat

- designed for erosion control in sloping landscapes

Plantex® Pro / Premium

- premium weed control products which allow desired plants to grow well and which require minimal maintenance

There are many different manufacturing technologies used to create the various weed control products on the market. In the absence of a standardized weed control property norm, each landscape fabric can vary significantly in performance.



How reliable is your weed control fabric?

Weed control fabrics are increasingly popular as a low-maintenance and eco-friendly alternative to herbicides when it comes to managing unwanted growth for a range of residential and non-residential applications.

When it comes to selecting a landscape fabric, however, one can be confronted with a bewildering choice – and it’s important to understand that not all products are the same.

Discover the key properties that make the ideal landscape fabric by watching the brief video below.


Discover the advantages of Plantex® weed control fabrics


In the absence of a standardized weed control property norm, DuPont has undertaken rigorous testing to compare both its own Plantex® weed control fabrics and several other products on the market with claims to a similar function.

Download the full test report with infographics now.



Documentation DuPont™ Plantex®

Find here all the documentation about DuPont™ Plantex®

How to Install Plantex® Gold
How to Install Plantex® Pro
How to Install Plantex® Premium
How to Install Plantex® Cocomat
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Plantex Platinium Solar
Plantex Platinium


DuPont™ Plantex® GroundGrid® ensures the stability of an elegant new gravel driveway design
DuPont™ Plantex® Gold seals 18.000 sq.mts. of contaminated ground for photovoltaic park
DuPont™ Plantex® Premium on motorway Barcelona - Zaragosa, Spain
DuPont™ Plantex® Premium on motorway near Cologne