How to install Plantex® Premium

Install Plantex® Premium

Step 1: Prepare the soil and rake if necessary

Ensure all weeds are thoroughly removed from the installation area before laying Plantex® Premium weed control barrier.


Step 2: Roll out Plantex® Premium

For large areas, overlap Plantex® Premium  at least 10 cm to prevent weed growth along the edges. Use Plantex® Anchor Pins or Bio Pins to secure the joins. Apply at least 2 pins per running meter. On large unplanted areas weigh down Plantex® Premium with stones or with the new plants to ensure that no movement occurs whilst planting through.


Step 3: Cut an “X” shape in Plantex® Premium

Using sharp scissors or a knife, make the cut either over an existing plant or at the position where the new plant is to go. Work Plantex® Premium gently over existing plants or plant through with new ones.


Step 4: Covering

Cover Plantex® Premium with at least a 5 cm layer of mulch e.g. bark, straw, gravel, decorative chippings etc. The top cover should be thick enough to fully cover the fabric, preventing sun light from reaching the fabric. On the other side it should not be too thick neither so that the mulch may dry out during sunny days. This will slow down the decomposition of mulch.

N.B. Plantex® Premium must be covered. Plantex® Premium acts as a soil separator preventing the covering from mixing in with the soil. This means that less covering is needed with Plantex® than with just a mulch. Plantex® Premium is strong, very light and versatile, but an insufficient mulch covering may lead to very aggressive weeds growing through.


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