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Meet our people.

Together, we're proudly working to invent a better now.



Around the world, the people at DuPont bring diverse backgrounds, expertise, and a drive to create essential innovations that make lives better.

We’re scientists, engineers, business managers and marketers. Creators, collaborators, and award winners. And together, we’re using our combined skills to solve the world’s biggest challenges and bring about positive change, right now. 

DuPont Innovators in Action

We’re pulling back the curtain on DuPont innovation – figuratively and literally. 

10 world-class scientists and engineers invite you inside their homes and minds to explore the approaches and behaviors that break the barriers for any innovator. 

As told through the lens of 10 very personal and humble voices, our leading experts highlight the diversity of thought, individuality, curiosity, passion and perseverance that help us deliver on our purpose to empower the world with essential innovations to thrive.  We invite you to join them as they take you into their homes and even deeper into their minds. 

All told, these exceptional visionaries are realizing solutions for some of the planet’s most pressing challenges and are world-renowned for their individual expertise and professional contributions that have led them to reach the most prestigious levels of DuPont Laureates, Lavoisier, and Pedersen medalists. But today, they’re inviting you to join them on a journey of discovery. 

Welcome inside the bold and brilliant minds behind DuPont.

- Alexa Dembek DuPont Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer

Meet the team leading our company into its next era of innovation.

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