DuPont™ Insta Stik™ Flex+

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The solution for sealing window & door joints faster and safer

Permanently flexible, durable and airtight foam for window & door sealing applications that doesn’t require an interior tape 


DuPont™ Insta Stik™ Flex+ 

Insta Stik™ Flex+ is a moisture-curing, fire rated, one-component polyurethane foam sealant. It is mainly used for sustainable airtight installation of windows and doors. Due to its impressive flexibility, it copes with window frame movements caused by temperature changes and wind loads without degradation of the airtightness. In addition, the foam sealant shows good acoustic and thermal insulation performance. 

Insta Stik™ Flex+ has been tested according to ÖNORM B 5320 “installation of windows and doors into walls”.

In combination with DuPont™ Tyvek® tapes, Insta Stik™ Flex+ passed the system test performed on a real building element. When using the airtight Insta Stik™ Flex+ foam sealant to fill the building joint, there is no need to apply an interior airtight tape.


Features & benefits

Feature Benefit
Tested accord. to ÖNORM B 5320 “installation of windows and doors into walls
  • Airtight & in combination with Dupont LiquidArmor(TM) or Tyvek® Plastering tape driving rain resistant and UV resistant
  • No interior airtight tape required --> less time during installation, cost benefit vs. alternative solutions
  • Closed cell structure once fully cured
  • Good acoustic and thermal insulation performance
  • Airtightness in joints
  • Good airtightness performance
  • Adheres well to common surfaces in the field of window and door installation.
  • Easy to use

    Pack size & available accessories

    750ml, carton of 12 cans each

    Gun applicator

    Great Stuff Pro™ Foam Cleaner