Tyvek® FlexWrap NF

Multi occupancy | Wall | Exterior Wall

High Performance Flexible Self-adhesive Flashing Tape

A self-adhering butyl flashing that integrates with DuPont air and water barriers, Tyvek® FlexWrap NF is a one-step solution for keeping water from seeping through window and door sills.


Tyvek® FlexWrap NF Tape

High performance flexible self-adhesive flashing tape to create an airtight and water tight seal around windows, doors, chimney breasts, pipe penetrations, vents and any custom shapes or other openings. Can be used externally and internally to increase the energy efficiency of the building.

Short on time? Not a problem. The Tyvek® FlexWrap NF tape gets the job done 50% faster than standard tapes and seals and require no additional fixings. The durable Tyvek® top sheet will adapt itself to structural movements.

Tyvek® FlexWrap NF is compatible with a huge choice of building materials and will adapt to common and uncommon shapes.


Features & benefits

Feature Benefit
Superior protection/air and watertight seal
  • Creates more airtight seals compared to standard tapes used on irregular shapes/penetrations
  • Helps seal the building envelope
  • Extendable tape with split release liner
  • Easy installation
  • No requirement for additional fixings
  • Approximately 50% quicker to fit compared to standard tapes and seals
  • Durable
  • Allows for structural movements
  • UV resistant
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Ensures continuity, compatibility and integrity with most common building materials
  • Performs through extreme temperatures

    Physical properties

    Method Unit Value
    Coverage - m2 3.4
    Colour - - white (black adhesive)
    Rolls per box - - 1
    Temperature Resistance - °C from - 30 °C till + 80 °C (temporary 100 °C)
    Elongation - % ca. 160 % (2.6 x of the original length)
    Installation Temperature - °C > 0 °C
    UV Resistance - Months 4 months

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