The Tyvek® Evolution Story

Tyvek® Evolution is an Ongoing Search for Excellence

Tyvek® Evolution is an Ongoing Search for Excellence



Tyvek® Evolution has kept DuPont™ Tyvek® breather membranes at the forefront of construction and building materials innovation for more than half a century. From the invention of Tyvek® in 1955 to today’s quest for Zero Net Energy buildings, we continue to develop new science-based solutions that support sustainable construction worldwide.

A Tyvek® Evolution Timeline

1955: Discovery of Tyvek® nonwoven fibre

1967: DuPont opens its first production line in Virginia, USA. New revolutionary applications include medical packaging and protective garments.

1988: DuPont opens its second Tyvek® production line in Luxembourg. The facility is certified to ISO 14001 in 2004, and ISO 9001 in 2008.

1990: Tyvek® launches a new category in the construction business: the breather underlay – a friendly alternative to felt, giving greater building insulation without increasing the thickness of insulation material.

Tyvek® Evolution Accelerates

2005: Tyvek® is the first manufacturer to claim CE marking for its entire product range. More than 25 products are developed to meet specific countries’ building codes.

2006: To meet stricter energy efficient building codes, Tyvek® introduces a new generation of metallised underlays and AVCL (Tyvek® Reflex, Tyvek® Enercor® Roof & AirGuard® Reflective). Their technology combines high moisture diffusion capacity and high surface reflectivity in a single product.

2008: Tyvek® UV Facade responds to new trends for ventilated façades. It offers proven long-term resistance for open and rainscreen cladding systems.

2009: In the quest for optimal airtightness, DuPont launches a range of advanced Tyvek® tapes that helps reduce uncontrolled air leakage through the building envelopes. Genuine Tyvek® accessories ensure compatibility with Tyvek® underlays and AirGuard® AVCLs, and help guarantee long-term performance and durability.

2012: Safety has always been a core value at DuPont –­ and with Tyvek® FireCurb™ flame retardant breather membranes, the company takes protection to a whole new level. The new development uses patented technology to add effective flame retardancy to the long list of Tyvek® benefits. When ignited, Tyvek® FireCurb™ breather membranes self-extinguish the flame instead of spreading the fire. The halogen-free flame retardant coating considerably limits the formation of droplets and reduces smoke, and has only limited impact on the proven Tyvek® performance.

The patented technology of Tyvek® FireCurb™ allows a fire classification up to Euroclass B, both for free-hanging application or for installation on mineral wools that most common, multi-layer breather membranes can not guarantee.

A second new product – AirGuard Smart® – is also introduced. Designed to complement DuPont™ AirGuard® AVCLs, this airtight vapour control layer adapts to changing humidity levels and protects structures from condensation risks during the drying-out phase.

At DuPont, we are committed to continuously developing and presenting new science-based solutions that support sustainable growth, and meet new building codes and European regulations regarding energy efficiency in buildings.

The success of Tyvek® results from a unique manufacturing process using flash-spunbond technology – and over 20 years of experience in the underlay market from a company renowned for pioneering, innovation and a commitment to quality and ethical practice.