Tyvek® Is Trusted To Meet A Heavenly Challenge

Case Study
Case Study
Tyvek® is trusted to meet a heavenly challenge

A development took shape in Croydon featured a dramatic conical roof designed to inspire the members of the Christian fellowship, for whom it is being built. This complex structure paid homage to traditional values, while being very contemporary in its design and its use of high-performance materials such as leading breather membrane DuPont™ Tyvek®. A mixed-use new-build that incorporates both apartments and a place of worship, the project has a background as intriguing as its design.

The original plans were commissioned 13 years ago from the now retired architect Martin Hewitt, but the project (and the planning) had lapsed before being revived (and subsequently revised to meet new regulations and new specifications) by Turner & Hoskins Architects for Jordan Developments Ltd.

Tim Hoskins of Turner & Hoskins elaborated on the ideas behind the design, “the shape of the church hall is encompassing – it allows the congregation to feel closer to the front of the church than a rectangular plan of similar area would. The roof soars heavenwards and provides a triple height space. The windows at the top of the space will allow sunlight to enter the building and shine onto the curved wall at the front of the church creating visual interest and warmth.”

The concept presented considerable challenges, however, and required a great deal of research into suitable methods and materials. “We worked closely with the slate supplier, SSQ,” says Tim, “and the roofing contractors were very keen on using DuPont™ Tyvek®. Having used it regularly on other projects we were aware of its performance and standing in the industry and it met a number of requirements from being easy to install, to durability, protecting the roof structure and enhancing energy-efficiency. In order to secure building regulations approval before the planning expired we had to produce the information in an incredibly short period of time, and this meant using recognised industry leaders and tried and tested methods.”

Martin Hewitt continues to take an interest in the progress of the project that he first began, and comments “The choice of DuPont™ Tyvek® as a breather membrane for the curved roof is excellent. I have been using it since it was first available in this country, when building inspectors had to be convinced that external vents were no longer necessary in pitched roofs.”