Give Home Energy Efficiency A Boost


Thermal Performance Solutions Boost Home Energy Efficiency

Home energy efficiency can be improved by using a building envelope that combines breather membrane technology with high-performance air and vapour control layers (AVCLs). Depending on your needs, DuPont offers a choice of two all-in thermal performance solutions that help to increase interior comfort while reducing your building’s carbon footprint.

This advanced combination of low-emissivity membranes and AVCL technologies helps you create environments that are dry, warm and draught-free – and stay that way!

Roof Solution

Internal walls and roofing are protected with AirGuard® Reflective. This 100% airtight vapour control layer (AVCL) has an emissivity rating of 0.05 and is installed with the metallised surface facing the building interior. With a high sd-value, it stops vapour transmission and prevents uncontrolled air filtration through the building fabric.

In ventilated roof systems, insulation performance can be adversely affected by cold external air infiltration, otherwise known as ‘windwashing.’ This effect can be eliminated in non-ventilated systems by using Tyvek® Supro - a high quality vapour permeable underlay with good resistance to the penetration of air.

DuPont™ Tyvek® and AirGuard® membranes are fully BBA-certified and UKTFA-approved.

Wall Solution

Internal walls are protected with AirGuard® Reflective. This airtight vapour control layer (AVCL) helps to control moisture levels, and ensures that homes retain 95% of their heat.

External walls are protected with Tyvek® Reflex, a metallised membrane that reflects radiant heat and reduces heat loss.  

Tyvek® Reflex is vapour-open, but wind-tight and water-resistant. Positioned on the cold side of traditional insulation, the metallised low- emissivity surface boosts thermal performance, giving you more comfort with less environmental impact. Tyvek® Reflex has one of the lowest emissivity ratings on the market at just 0.09. This means it reflects 91% of radiant heat. Tyvek® Reflex can be used in both timber- and metal-frame external walls, and is suitable for insulation upgrades, too.

DuPont™ Tyvek® low-emissivity membranes are fully BBA-certified and UKTFA-approved.

U-value Reduction

Even by itself, Tyvek® Reflex permits U-value reductions of up to 11%. When combined with AirGuard® Reflective, it permits reductions of up to 28%.

Alleviating Stud Size Issues

Stricter thermal regulations mean more insulation, so bigger stud sizes are often required to cope with the extra thickness. Since Tyvek® Reflex provides extra thermal resistance with next to no bulk, it helps alleviate this issue, too.


Designed specially for use with Tyvek® membranes, Tyvek® Metallised Tape and Tyvek® Butyl Tape can be used to seal the laps of the various products, and to fix them to timber, masonry or any other building surface.