Vapour Control Membrane Protection


Build Airtight and Condensation-Free With a Vapour Control Membrane

An AVCL is an integral part of the building envelope. It is applied to interior walls and offers crucial protection to help manage moisture and control air movement. An effective AVCL should be 100% airtight and provide effective condensation control, as well as working to control convective heat transfer and improve interior comfort.

As an air and vapour control layer (AVCL) prevents warm vapour migrating to cold outer surfaces where it condenses into water droplets, choosing the right AVCL will help create a thermally efficient, condensation-free structure.

AirGuard® AVCLs: the Optimum Solution

DuPont has developed vapour control membranes that work as an effective internal lining to provide greater protection. AirGuard® AVCLs keep warm air inside where it belongs, and prevent harmful and unhealthy condensation build-up in the roof area. Their highly engineered vapour control and airtight function means they can also be used for both warm and cold pitched roofs, removing the need for ventilated systems.

The AirGuard® product range can optimise the thermal performance of constructions offering Sd vapour resistance values from ≥ 2m (AirGuard® Control) right up to > 2000m (AirGuard® Reflective). Combined with the wide range of Tyvek® flashing tapes, AirGuard® AVCLs increase the thermal performance of the building. They also significantly improve energy efficiency, and help to keep buildings warm in winter and cool in summer by controlling the transfer of heat and water vapour.

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