It is in the nature of all root and rhizomes systems to grow and spread in search of the nutrition they need, seeking both water and the healthiest soils. However, plants differ in the behaviour of their root systems and if not properly managed or contained can cause costly damage. Proper attention is needed whether the risk of spread is from domestic or invasive plants, and whether from weeds or trees. Furthermore, it is not appropriate to resort to herbicides to control root spread and prevention is always better – and cheaper – than cure. It is therefore essential to invest in intelligent protection against expensive repairs or the resolution of damage to infrastructure, be that new build or existing. Unchecked roots can disrupt services such as pipes and tubes and structures from roads and pathways to boundary walls and the foundations of buildings. The root control products developed by DuPont have been very carefully tested and offer the kind of performance and quality that can be counted on.

 DuPont™ Plantex® solutions: 

Plantex® RootBarrier

NEW Plantex® RootProtector




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How to install Plantex® RootBarrier
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How to install Plantex® Tape

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