Plantex® RootBarrier - an ecological solution against roots for ”La Voie Verte” on Baignes Saint Radegonde (France)

Case Study
Case Study
Plantex® RootBarrier - an ecological solution against roots for ”La Voie Verte” in France

The "Green Way" on Baignes, a track reserved to pedestrians, bikes, rollers and riders next to Angoulême in Charente, adopted the anti-roots DuPont™ Plantex® RootBarrier solution which allows to avoid the invasion of roots, source of cracks which reduce comfort and security of the users. This ecological solution doesn’t use any chemical. 

In the last century, locust trees were planted to stabilize the shoulders of the railroad. Over the years, their invasive roots went back up on the middle of the road and on its shoulders. With the DuPont™ Plantex® RootBarrier solution, the way is protected from roots on all sides, including side edges.


With a three meters width average, the way is a bituminous layer relying on a calcareous sublayer. The anti-roots DuPont™ Plantex® RootBarrier was laid on all its width with edges on both sides. Thus roots are hijacked from the coated lay. The maintenance of the way is now reduced to an annual audit, with a mechanical tearing of roots throughout the edges of the way. 

This "Green Way " is one step of an ambitious project that will allow to join North Cape to Gibraltar by bike. 
This project has been developed by the 3B Sud-Charente local authorities community (project owner), in association with the BETG engineering consulting firm. The works were realized by the SCOTPA civil engineering company, and Plantex® RootBarrier -produced by DuPont - was supplied by Point.P Travaux from Saint Yrieix. 

"DuPont is extremely happy to have contributed, by its solutions and materials and its specialized technical teams expertise in improving a significant and important infrastructure in the local people everyday life ; it’s an important part of a natural, cultural, industrial and historic heritage of the Charente.