The root barrier combining outstanding water permeability and high strength

The new Plantex® RootProtector is a strong, water-permeable root barrier suited to both vertical and horizontal applications. It is manufactured from continuous PP filaments that are spun and laid down as a web which is thermally and mechanically bonded at filament crossover points.

This bonding method gives a unique combination of properties that offer optimal resistance against root penetration, exceeding existing alternative woven or needle-punched solutions.


Improved Benefits:

  • Increased static puncture resistance
  • Higher permeability due to the large number of pores and the random pore-size distribution. This ensures free flow of water in the soil and avoids hydrostatic-pressure issues
  • Excellent uniformity across the entire material surface – no weak spots where roots might penetrate
  • Tested in accordance with CEN/TS 14416, as well as with plants such as Pyracantha which develop more aggressive roots



The prevention of root contamination of infrastructure base or drainage layers – whether vertical or horizontal – ensures that these remain free-draining throughout their working life.

  • cycle paths

  • foundations
  • vertical drainage structures
  • rhizome containment (in combination with Plantex® Platinium)

Other application
  • protection of joints of subterranean infrastructure such as pipes, water/sewage collectors, cables, pools

Other benefits:

  • Easy to install in excavations and ditches
  • Light in weight whilst offering excellent protection against root penetration or perforation
  • Does not absorb water, which prevents freezing in winter and ensures easy handling in all weather conditions
  • Easy to cut without fraying or irregular edges
  • Pre-compression ensures optimal balance between roll diameter and surface coverage
  • Available in both small and large roll sizes – large areas can be covered with fewer overlaps and faster installation


Available roll dimensions

  • 2 x 100m
  • 4 x 100m
  • 5.2 x 100m