Innovating Safer by Design


Chemistry is essential to today’s technologies, including those that underpin the building industry.  Some chemicals, however, can cause harmful effects when managed improperly.  Green chemistry is a design philosophy that seeks to reduce and eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances.  As we innovate toward a sustainable tomorrow, we must apply green chemistry to develop solutions that are safer by design.

We believe that all chemistry in the building industry should aspire to be green chemistry.

2030 Goal

We will collaborate with our customers and key partners to bring green chemistry innovations to market and will drive continued reduction in the presence of priority substances in our portfolio.


Employee Spotlight: Meet Eric

"I find great purpose in working towards making the world a better place, not only for now, but for the long-term. As a chemist, I see tremendous opportunity to improve traditional practices and redefine the role of chemistry to innovate more sustainable building materials to safeguard the future of people and the planet."

– Eric (Research Investigator)


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