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Tyvek® 500 HP

DuPont™ Tyvek® 500 HP Harness Protection. Coverall with 2-piece hood. Ergonomic-protective design. Stitched internal seams. Hook and loop closure when connecting to the carabiner. Pass-thru system to protect the rope lanyard. Snap closure for full tightness when pass-thru is not used. Sealable chin flap & zipper flaps. Elasticated wrists, ankles and face. Thumb loop. Elasticated waist (glued-in). Tyvek® zipper and flap. White. Antistatic.

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Category III



EN 1149-5

EN 1073-2* Class 2

EN 14126

Name Description
Full Part Number model TY198S HP
Fabric/Materials Tyvek® 500
Design Hooded coverall with thumb loops and back pass-thru system with snap closure
Seam Stitched (internal)
Color White
Sizes SM, MD, LG, XL, 2X, 3X
Quantity/Box 25 per box


Avoid the need to compromise between fall or chemical protection.
Workers operating at height and requiring chemical protection at the same time previously had to compromise between personal protection from chemical threats and the fall protection system. The harness would be worn over the top of a coverall, exposing it to potential chemical contamination and leading to costly replacement of equipment, or wearing the harness inside a coverall and cutting a hole to attach the rope lanyard, leaving the user exposed to contamination.
The Tyvek® 500 HP offers the wearer full protection by housing the rope lanyard within a sealed compartment giving access to the harness worn underneath, helping to maintain an effective barrier between the user and equipment and any chemical threat.
Protect your fall arrest equipment / lanyard worn underneath & the worker thanks to the back pass-thru system and the hook and loop closure at the end. Internal stitched seams for increased protection of the processes. Protection of the wearer thanks to the tight design through sealable chin flap & zipper flaps, thumb loops, snap closure system for the pass-thru. Superior chemical protection and durability thanks to the unique Tyvek® fabric. Extremely lightweight offering high level of comfort and mobility. Free of silicone, oil, grease, contaminates, foreign materials, and surface irregularities (suitable for paint applications), maintenance at height - asbestos removal, cleaning

  • EN 14126 (barrier to infective agents), EN 1073-2 (protection against radioactive contamination). (2476)
  • Antistatic treatment (EN 1149-5) - on both sides.
  • Stitched internal seams
  • Hook and loop closure when connecting to the carabiner
  • Pass-thru system to protect the lanyard
  • Snap closure for full tightness when pass-thru is not used
  • 2-piece hooded coverall for good fit around respirator
  • Sealable chin flap & zipper flaps
  • Elasticated cuffs with thumb loops
  • Elasticated ankles
  • Ample crotch area
  • Overall ergonomic pattern
  • Data available from "Fall test" (mannequin drop test)
  • Thanks to the conical shape of the rope cover, there is enough fabric at the back which enables limited pulling effect from the rest of the garment (ie. neck area) in the event of a fall and presents an additional advantage when using fall arrest systems with shock absorbers

Fabric & Permeation/Penetration Data

Physical Properties

Data relating to mechanical performance of the fabrics used in DuPont chemical protective clothing, listed for the selected garment according to the test methods and relevant European standard, if applicable. Such properties, including abrasion and flex-cracking resistance, tensile strength and puncture resistance can help in the assessment of protective performance.

Property Test Method Typical Result EN
Abrasion Resistance 7 EN 530 Method 2 >100 cycles 2/6 1
Basis Weight DIN EN ISO 536 41.5 g/m2 N/A
Colour. N/A (598) White N/A
Exposure to high Temperature N/A (598) Melting point ~135 °C N/A
Puncture Resistance EN 863 >10 N 2/6 1
Resistance to water penetration AATCC 127 >10 kPa N/A
Resistenza alla rottura per flessione 7 EN ISO 7854 Method B >100000 cycles 6/6 1
Surface Resistance at RH 25%, inside 7 EN 1149-1 < 2,5 • 109 Ohm N/A
Surface Resistance at RH 25%, outside 7 EN 1149-1 < 2,5 • 109 Ohm N/A
Tensile Strength (MD) DIN EN ISO 13934-1 >60 N 2/6 1
Tensile Strength (XD) DIN EN ISO 13934-1 >60 N 2/6 1
Trapezoidal Tear Resistance (MD) EN ISO 9073-4 >10 N 1/6 1
Trapezoidal Tear Resistance (XD) EN ISO 9073-4 >10 N 1/6 1
  •  According to EN 14325
  •  According to EN 14126
  •  According to EN 1073-2
  •  According to EN 14116
  •   According to EN 11612
  •  Front Tyvek ® / Back
  •  Based on test according to ASTM D-572
  •  See Instructions for Use for further information, limitations and warnings
  •  Larger than
  •  Smaller than
  •  Smaller than or equal to
  •  Not Applicable
  •  Standard Deviation







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