DuPont™ Cyrel®​ Plates


DuPont™ Cyrel® flexo plates deliver improved efficiency and consistency

for higher quality at higher speeds in a wide range of package printing applications.​ 

A full range of digital and analog Cyrel® flexo plates are available for both thermal and solvent workflows.


DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST flexo plates are designed to enable increased productivity, exceptional on-press performance and reduced environmental footprint.


Cyrel® Digital Plates​    

Cyrel® EASY Plates​ - Built-in FTD

Cyrel® Lightning Plates​

Cyrel® DFR - High durometer

Cyrel® EASY EFXR - Smooth surface, high durometer (NEW!)

Cyrel® LFH - High durometer, UV LED Optimized (NEW!)

Cyrel® DFM - Medium durometer

Cyrel® EASY EFER - Engineered surface, high durometer (NEW!)

Cyrel® DFS - Medium durometer

Cyrel® EASY EFX - Smooth surface, high durometer

Cyrel® DFUV - For UV Inks

Cyrel® EASY EFE - Engineered surface, high durometer


Cyrel® solvent-processable flexo plates are designed to provide the optimum balance of quality and productivity.


Cyrel® Digital Plates​    

Cyrel® EASY Plates​ - Built-in FTD

Cyrel® Lightning Plates​

Cyrel® Analog Plates​

Cyrel® DPR - High durometer

Cyrel® EASY ESXR - Smooth surface, high durometer (NEW!)

Cyrel® LSH ​ -  High durometer, UV LED Optimized (NEW!)

Cyrel® NEOS​ - Medium durometer

Cyrel® DPI - High durometer

Cyrel® EASY ESER​ - Engineered surface, high durometer (NEW!)

Cyrel® DPN - Medium - High durometer

Cyrel® EASY ESX​ - Smooth surface, high durometer

Cyrel® DS2
- Medium durometer

Cyrel® EASY ESE​ - Engineered surface, high durometer

Cyrel® DPC - Medium durometer for Corrugated

Cyrel® EASY EPR2- Smooth surface, high durometer

Cyrel® DEC - Low medium durometer for Corrugated

Cyrel® EASY ESM - Smooth surface, medium durometer

Cyrel® DLC - Low durometer for Corrugated

Cyrel® EASY EPC - For Corrugated


Cyrel® Coating & Varnish Plates are developed to provide a solution for printers and converters using varnishing and special effect ink and coatings applications.


Cyrel® Digital Plates​    

Cyrel® Analog Plates

Cyrel® FAST DVF - FAST - Medium durometer

Cyrel® FAST VTA - FAST - Medium durometer

Cyrel® DVS - Solvent - Medium durometer

Cyrel® VSA - Solvent - Medium durometer


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