Fibers & Fabrics

DuPont fibers and fabrics for aerospace and spacecraft help deliver durability, fuel economy/lightweighting, stiffness, and thermal/fire resistance. The performance characteristics of our materials can also help increase fuel efficiency and decrease operating and maintenance costs.


Get improved durability, lighter weight, strength, stiffness, and fire protection for many aircraft applications.

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Inherent flame resistance, strength and weight savings help address the stringent safety standards and fuel efficiency requirements of commercial aircraft.

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Built to go to the moon

Kevlar® fiber has proven that it is strong enough to survive the extreme forces and temperature fluctuations of space travel. When the Mars Pathfinder landed on the surface of Mars, Kevlar® fiber reinforced the inflatable landing cushions – and the ropes that secured them – helping the Pathfinder to complete its 40-million-mile journey fully intact and ready to explore the planet’s surface. Kevlar® is used in communications satellites and also in the space shuttle to help protect against impact from orbital debris.



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