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Industry Solutions

What’s your biggest challenge? We can find the answers together. We’ll put our materials to the test and share the results. Whether your need is for autonomous vehicles or aftermarket repair, we can help. Learn more about our solutions for:

Industry Trends

We are committed to delivering advanced materials and solutions to our customers across every vehicle sector and geography. With support from hundreds of engineers, researchers, and scientists who specialize in transportation, we can collaborate with you to create unprecedented results in:

●    Advanced mobility, hybridization, and
●    Lightweighting
●    Parts consolidation
●    Improved efficiencies

Our AHEAD™ initiative provides a seamless customer experience across multiple advanced mobility technologies for in-vehicle and infrastructure applications.

Accelerating Hybrid-Electric Autonomous Driving for global customers

Combining the strengths of many DuPont industry portfolios, AHEAD™ offers customers a single point-of-contact for advanced mobility needs. How can we help you?


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Bond dissimilar substrates for lighter weight, improved efficiencies, and better strength.

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For structural bonding, sealing of stationary vehicle glass, headliner bonding, and more.

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Innovate for the increasingly electrified, autonomous and sustainable vehicles of tomorrow with Smart Lubrication™ solutions.

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Get the flexibility of rubber with the strength and processability of thermoplastics.

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Widely used in applications like powertrains where heat and chemical resistance, and specific rubber-like qualities are needed.

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See our portfolio of proven nylon resin materials for a range of performance benefits including stiffness and heat resistance.

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