Our Product Benefits

Our Product Benefits

Dimensional Stability

DuPont carpet backing resists bowing and skewing during carpet processing. The high resistance to bias stretch makes it ideal for carpets with distortion-sensitive designs such as prints and pattern tufting. DuPont carpet backing allows easy pattern matching without distortion.

Optimum Pile Surface Uniformity

The continuous fibers of DuPont carpet backing are evenly distributed in a uniform structure which eliminates tufting needle deflection for excellent pattern definition, improved velours aesthetics and superior pile-height uniformity.

Accurate Cutting

Due to the heat bonding of numerous filament crossover points, DuPont carpet backing has non-ravelling edges and can be accurately cut in any direction.

This represents a clear advantage in bathroom rugs and hand-tufted carpets. For these special applications DuPont carpet backing is also available in white.

Printing Colours

DuPont carpet backing does not stain pile yarns or change the acidity of the dye baths. Carpets backed with our product can be dyed or printed with any of the commercially available techniques.

The spunbonded character of DuPont carpet backing provides optimum protection against bowing, skewing and nonuniformity of pattern registration and thus enables the production of high quality carpets with even the most critical designs.

The power of versatility

DuPont carpet backing is a versatile primary carpet backing suitable for all gauges and stitchrates of all cut-pile and loop-pile carpet constructions. It can be used for wall-to-wall carpets and for rugs in residential as well as in contract carpeting.

For special shapes and forms, DuPont has also developed the product for moulding applications.

Environmentally Friendly

DuPont carpet backing does not pollute the environment in production or in use. It is made from 100% polypropylene, using no extraneous binders or fillers. This allows for trim waste to be easily recycled.