Athena Graphics experiences stability and reliability in prepress workflow, thanks to DuPont™ Cyrel® EASY plates


According to Athena’s experience, the Cyrel® EASY ESX plate delivers operational benefits, including less waste and faster production times, which are two key factors for their web shop. Athena Graphics is now able to easily deliver plates in 24 hrs.


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Cyrel® Flexo Plates 

DuPont™ Cyrel® flexo plates deliver higher quality at higher speeds in a wide range of package printing applications.

Flat Top Dot Workflow Solutions

DuPont offers two flat top dot workflow solutions: Cyrel® DigiFlow and Cyrel® DigiCorr

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Cyrel® flexographic platemaking solutions include processors, exposure units, and dryers for solvent and thermal processing environments.

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Cyrel® Round Systems offer a complete digital flexographic sleeve production solution that delivers highly precise registration and eye-catching print quality.

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The Cyrel® solvent workflow consists of flexographic photopolymer plates and sleeves, platemaking equipment and washout solutions.