Just about everything you print can benefit from greater strength, lighter weight, all-weather survivability, superior vibrance, and lower cost. That’s why DuPont Graphics products have become the substrate of choice for so many typical—and not so typical—printing applications.

Photographic Background Rolls

Strong and durable, even after numerous photo sessions. Lightweight, take up less space when rolled up or folded, can be painted any color. Vibrantly printable for easy identification. More flexible and significantly less expensive than comparable textile substrate backgrounds.


Lightweight and highly flexible, make catching the wind a breeze. Strong and durable, able to survive any weather conditions, water- and tear-resistant. Photo-like printability, keep colors bright and luminous.

Special Event Materials

Shiny and bright, making event invitations more impactful. Strong and durable for memorable programs, striking wall hangings, and unique venue decorations. Moisture- and rip-resistant, perfect for draping food service and dining tables.


Strong and durable, can withstand the roughest play. Lightweight, easily folds or rolls for storage and portability. Bright, high-impact graphics for added playing excitement.

Promotional Jackets & Fashion Wear

Excellent wearing colorful jackets can be made of soft-structure DuPont™ Tyvek® - Less expensive than cloth jackets - Individualised promotional message can be printed on jackets - Excellent gift that has high value for customer, but low cost - Bright graphics and fluorescent colors can be printed - Can be stitched without losing strength - Breathable, comfortable to wear.

Consumer Packaging

DuPont™ Tyvek® is a tough, durable and silky nonwoven sheet which combines the best properties of paper, film and fabric. Tyvek® offers the ideal combination of aesthetics and functionality for your decorative packaging. - Distinctive appearance and silky touch - Tremendous tear and strength resistance in relation to its weight - All-weather proof and unaffected by most chemicals - Resists repeated folding and flexing - Can be sewn, stapled, laminated and fixed without losing neither its strength nor its tear resistance - Can be printed by all traditional printing techniques as well as digital methods - Available only in white. Tyvek® is 100% recyclable. For coloured Tyvek®, please contact us at

Totes and Bags

DuPont™ Tyvek® is ideal for totes and bags, whether its a reusable grocery bag, a fashion-oriented shopping bag or a tote. Because it is both recyclable and reusable, retailers and consumers are drawn to Tyvek®. Plus, bags made of Tyvek® are soft, strong, durable, foldable and printable with memorable graphics.