Innovate for good


Innovate for good is our commitment to use our talent, resources, and innovation expertise to work on meaningful and valuable societal challenges. As an innovation company, the greatest positive impact we have on the world and for our global customers is through our products and applications, our innovation handprint, while we also work to minimize our environmental footprint. We focus our sustainable innovation in four key impact areas to address the world’s most pressing challenges: climate action, enabling a more circular economy, creating products that are safe and sustainable by design, and advancing water stewardship.


Our 2030 Innovate goals


Delivering solutions for global challenges


Innovate products to meaningfully address the world’s sustainability challenges with positive impacts for customers and society

2022 key accomplishments

  • Expanded and strengthened our innovative product portfolio by introducing new solutions enabling customers to improve performance, increase energy efficiency, reduce resource consumption, and minimize carbon footprint
  • 80% of top innovation programs deliver sustainability value for customers*. More than 50% of those innovations are focused on climate.


  • Received nine Edison and R&D 100 awards for innovation excellence. Eight of the nine innovations provided strong sustainability benefits, enabling our customers to make progress on their sustainability goals in climate, circular economy, chemical management, and water stewardship.
Enabling a circular economy

Enabling a circular economy



Integrate circular economy principles into our business models, considering lifecycle impacts in the markets we serve

2022 key accomplishments

  • Expanded the use of recycled tin and copper (instead of mined) in our electronic solutions with the goal of expanding portfolio of solutions that use 100% recycled metals.
  • Established a new collaboration to recover valuable off-spec silicone rubber and tubing production waste for Liveo™ Healthcare Solutions with the potential to reduce landfill waste by more than 90% for the production line.
Innovating safe and sustainable by design

Innovating safe and sustainable by design


Advance sustainable chemistry in the design of our products and processes, addressing substances of concern and communicating with stakeholders on our performance

2022 key accomplishments

  • Updated our Supplier Code of Conduct with new expectations for our suppliers to commit and actively support our efforts to reduce, eliminate, or replace substances of concern in raw materials.
  • Conducted over 1,000 product stewardship reviews and identified opportunities to enhance the sustainability of existing products.

*Based on pilot portfolio sustainability assessment, will need further validation because many of the projects are in early stages of development; and increased investment in innovation platforms



Clarivate’s Top 100 Global Innovators list

Named to Clarivate’s Top 100 Global Innovators list

The Top 100 Global Innovators is a list of companies and institutions that contribute new ideas, solve problems, and create new economic value

Edison Awards (Gold medal for FilmTec Dry Seawater Reverse Osmosis Membranes and Silver medal for Low GWP Froth-Pak™ Spray Foam)

Edison Awards 

FilmTec™ Dry Seawater Reverse Osmosis Membranes, BETATECH™ thermal interface, and Low GWP Froth-Pak™ Spray Foam

R&D 100 Awards (FilmTec™ Fortilife™ XC120, BETATECH™, KapFlo™ OLED, and Low GWP Froth-Pak™ Spray Foam)

R&D 100 Awards

FilmTec™ Fortilife™ XC120, BETATECH™ thermal interface, KapFlo™ OLED substrate, and Low GWP Froth-Pak™ Spray Foam

FTA Technical Innovation Award 2022 (Cyrel®Solutions’ Lightning Plates)

FTA Technical Innovation Award

Cyrel® Solutions’ Lightning Plates


Innovation platforms

DuPont-InnovationPlatform-High-performance computing.jpg

High performance computing 

High speed data solutions that deliver high signal integrity 

DuPont-InnovationPlatform-User interface.jpg

User Interface 

Display and wireless solutions that enable transformational improvement

DuPont-InnovationPlatform-High frequency connectivity.jpg

High frequency connectivity

Device and infrastructure connectivity solutions for fast, reliable transmission of data 

DuPont-InnovationPlatform-Advanced mobility.jpg

Advanced mobility

Solutions to enable electric and smart vehicles, solving critical challenges

DuPont-InnovationPlatform-Clean water.jpg

Clean water

Solutions for global water challenges for purification, conservation and reuse

DuPont-InnovationPlatform-Applied healthcare solutions.jpg

Applied Healthcare Solutions 

Advanced material solutions for healthcare applications 

DuPont-InnovationPlatform-Sustainable and productive construction.jpg

Sustainable & Productive Construction 

Integrated building and envelope solutions

DuPont-InnovationPlatform-Personal protection.jpg

Personal protection 

Advanced multi-threat protection with optimal comfort and durability