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  • The DuPont AHEAD™ (Accelerating Hybrid-Electric Autonomous Driving) initiative focuses on creating technology and materials solutions in vehicle electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving and related infrastructure. Our goal is to help the industry fast-track the transition to electric and automated vehicles – significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and urban pollution while also improving road and pedestrian safety.

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  • Employees carry the stresses of their personal lives with them to work every morning and take the stresses of their jobs home with them every night. Creating a work environment that improves holistic well-being for every employee’s unique and diverse needs, on and off the job.

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More on Sustainability Goals

Global Challenges
Delivering Solutions for Global Challenges:
Align 100% of our innovation portfolio to meaningfully advance the UN SDGs and create value for our customers.
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Enabling a Circular Economy
Enabling a Circular Economy:

Integrate circular economy principles into our business models considering lifecycle impacts in the markets we serve.

Innovating Safer by Design
Innovating Safer by Design:

Design 100% of our products and processes using sustainability criteria including the principles of green chemistry.
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Acting on climate
Acting on climate:
Reduce Green House Gas (GHGs) emissions 30% including sourcing 60% of electricity from renewable energy. Deliver carbon neutral operations by 2050.
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Water stewardship
Leading water stewardship:
Implement holistic water strategies across all facilities prioritizing manufacturing plants and communities in high-risk watersheds. Enable millions of people access to clean water through leadership in advancing water technology and enacting strategic partnerships.
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Deliver world-class environmental health and safety performance
Delivering world-class health and safety performance:

Further our commitment to zero injuries, occupational illnesses, and incidents.
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Accelerating Diversity and Inclusion
Accelerating Diversity and Inclusion:
Become one of the world’s most inclusive companies, with diversity well ahead of industry benchmarks.
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Cultivating Well Being and Fulfillment
Cultivating Well-being and Fulfillment:
Create a workplace where employees report high levels of well-being and fulfillment.
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Building Thriving Communities
Building Thriving Communities:

Improve over 100 million lives through targeted social impact programs.
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