Automotive Lubricants

Smart Lubrication for automotive applications   


Innovate today for the increasingly electrified, autonomous and sustainable vehicles of tomorrow with the specialty lubricants that are trusted by automotive OEMs and tier suppliers worldwide.


MOLYKOTE® Smart Lubrication solutions are engineered to help you meet your toughest automotive lubrication challenges. Control friction, wear and NVH. Boost performance. Reduce component failures and costly warranty repairs. Improve safety and customer satisfaction. Design for increased electrification, connectivity and reliability.

In addition to a full range of high-performance greases, anti-friction coatings, compounds, pastes, and oils and fluids, you can count on MOLYKOTE® for collaborative problem-solving and extensive technical support.

Working on something new? Facing a unique lubrication challenge? Let’s work together to develop lubrication solutions for your specific automotive applications.

  • Protect against moisture and corrosion
  • Reduce squeaks, rattles, noise, vibration
  • Control free motion
  • Ensure proper tightening, nondestructive disassembly
  • Lubricate inaccessible parts
  • 70+ years of lubrication expertise and innovation
  • Lubricants application-matched to your load, environment, speed and temperature requirements
  • Global collaboration and development support

Automotive Applications

Smart Lubrication™ for your systems and components


Technical Details 

How to choose the best MOLYKOTE® lubricant for your application

1. Does your component work under a heavy, moderate or low load?

“Load” is the estimated amount of force or stress that will be applied to your component’s surface during operation. 

2. What is the environment surrounding your lubricant application?

“Environment” refers to the general climate and surroundings in which your equipment will be working. 

3. What is the temperature range of your component at startup and during operation?

“Temperature” refers to the component’s operating temperature.

4. What are the speed and rate of motion of your application?

“Speed” considers rotational or reciprocating speeds and rate of motion. 


Performance profiles of different types of lubricants

Greases and oils typically are successful in applications that move faster or more frequently … and operate under light to moderate loads … and moderate temperatures.

Pastes and anti-friction coatings contain lubricating solids and generally are specified when speed or frequency slows … when load or vibration increases … and temperatures are extreme.

  • Heavy loads may require boundary lubrication with anti-seize pastes or anti-friction coatings containing high levels of solid lubricants.
  • Moderate loads may require lower amounts of solid lubricants.

Molykote Product Lines

Product Name Description
Greases Solid to semisolid materials consisting of a lubricating fluid, thickening agent and additives. Used on rolling element bearings and other moving parts.
Compounds Greaselike materials composed of silicone fluids and silica fillers. Used for their sealing, dielectric and nonmetal-to-metal lubricating properties.
Pastes Greaselike materials containing a very high percentage of solid lubricants. Used for assembly and lubrication of highly loaded, slow-moving parts or threaded fasteners.
Oils & fluids Lubricating fluids fortified with carefully selected additives to provide optimum performance and service life while maximizing protection.
Dispersions Finely divided solid lubricants suspended in lubricating fluids; preferred when it is necessary to apply solid lubricants in liquid form.
Anti-friction coatings “Lubricating paints”; when applied, these materials cure to form dry, solid lubricant coatings that are bonded to the surface.

Compatible with plastic gears and gearboxes. Ideal for electric motors requiring electrical resistivity, such as electric parking brake actuation.

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An innovative coating for highly demanding applications, including permanent lubrication of metal/metal and metal/plastic material pairings. 

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Low-bleed, dust-resistant PAO-based lubricants with low-temperature and noise-reducing properties. Ideal for power slide door rails and actuators. 

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