Dow Corning® Emulsifier 10

Dow Corning® Emulsifier 10 is a silicone emulsifier designed to prepare water-in-oil emulsions or water-in-silicone and organic oil emulsions. As an efficient emulsifier, it can lead to water-in-oil formulations exhibiting excellent stability at high water concentration and enables the formulation of cream at room temperature, resulting in lower processing costs and faster processing times.

  • Creams
  • Gels
  • Sticks
  • Stable W/O emulsions
  • Formulation flexibility
  • Emulsion with high water content
  • Low emulsifier use level
  • Hot and cold manufacturing press
  • Co-emulsifier for O/W emulsion
  • Multiple phase (W/O/W) emulsions
  • Easy to spread
  • Wide range of emulsion from: W/O, W/O/W and water-in-wax


Product Name Description
Emulsifier 10 Dow Corning Emulsifier 10 is an alkylmethyl silicone polyglycol, 100% silicone polyether.

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