Artistri® Acid Dye Inks

Artistri® Acid Dye Inks

Brilliant ink for digital textile printing

Artistri® acid dye inks are available in the following colors

Artistri® 500 Series Acid Dye Inks

  • Specially formulated for digital printing on textile fabrics for printers with low-viscosity piezo-electric printheads. 
  • Suitable for applications on silk, nylon and nylon/elastane blends for sampling, strike-offs and short-run production printing. 
  • Applications include: activewear, swimwear, intimate apparel, flags and accessories.

Artistri® 700 & 2500 Series Acid Dye Inks

  • Specially formulated for industrial aqueous-compatible, medium viscosity  piezo-electric printheads.  
  • Used primarily for printing on nylon, wool, silk and nylon/elastane blends. 
  • Excellent end-use properties over a very wide range of color offerings. 
  • Properties tailored to fit the appropriate application from sea water and chlorine fastness to lightfastness. 
  • Applications: activewear, swimwear, intimate apparel, flags, banners and accessories including ties and scarves.