DuPont™ Kevlar® Chosen by Centigon

Centigon, the global leader in vehicle armouring, uses the aramid fibre DuPont™ Kevlar® for new armoured vehicle programmes with Renault Trucks, Land Rover and Jaguar.

Kevlar® armouring systems consist of composite panels for side fittings and floors, with a varying number of layers being applied according to , vehicle type and protection level sought. They help enhance the protection of floors and side fittings, especially against shards of explosives and ballistic attacks.

DuPont™ Kevlar® is an organic fibre from the aramid family offering an excellent combination of properties: it is lightweight, sturdy and fireproof, affording protection and thermal resistance. Kevlar® is five times stronger than steel at equal weight, thus providing astounding sturdiness combined with amazingly reliable and durable material performance. Kevlar® armouring systems are less cumbersome, easy-to-model, and adaptable to vehicle structure for simplified, quicker and thus less costly installation. Kevlar® fibre boasts high ballistic performance and can withstand extreme temperatures, remaining relatively lightweight without being too cumbersome. These properties are extremely important to help ensure protection while maintaining payload performance and vehicle mobility.

Centigon France SAS produces three hundred armoured vehicles a year for various manufacturers for military, private and cash-in-transit vehicles. Army, police, NGOs and private firms form its customer base in France and abroad.

Centigon, global leader in armouring and integrator for Renault Trucks, Land Rover & Jaguar, “was seeking to integrate safe, effective armouring while keeping vehicles as light as possible”, comments Ronan Floch, Centigon Carat Technology Director. “Using Kevlar® meant this aim could be attained, with enabling appropriate ballistic protection”, adds Rodolphe Besnard, Marketing Manager for DuPont Life Protection, EMEA.