Nomex® for Metal Work and Foundries

Nomex® for Metal Work and Foundries

The hazards of small and large molten metal splashes are present in foundries and can also occur during welding in other industrial applications.

Although the temperature of metal splashes is normally lower than those reached in fuel fires, the sparks and splashes may be in contact with the protective garment for several minutes. A worker’s protective clothing should ideally evacuate or “shed” this heat source immediately and totally, not allowing molten metal splashes to stick to the surface of the garments.

DuPont developed Nomex® MetalPro and Nomex® MetalPro Plus in order to help garment manufacturers provide more durable and comfortable protection against this particular hazard.


Nomex® MetalPro

Nomex® MetalPro is a special fibre and fabric blend intended for protective clothing in hazardous situations in the hot iron and steel manufacturing process, in foundries, forging (coils) and during occasional welding in industries.


Nomex® MetalPro is typically worn during an entire work shift and provides protection against iron splashes. It is not intended to replace protective clothing in highly hazardous situations (such as aluminised or leather garments worn very close to the furnace and heat source).

Garments made of Nomex® MetalPro help garment manufacturers provide lightweight, breathable, supple and comfortable solutions that counteract the high risk of heat stress caused by heavy work under very hot conditions.


Nomex® MetalPro Plus

Nomex® MetalPro Plus has been developed to help offer an even higher protection to the parts of the garment that are most exposed to frequent contact with molten metal splashes. In addition, this fabric successfully meets the performance requirements of EN ISO 11612 when tested for exposure to aluminium splashes (D2).


Nomex® MetalPro and Nomex® MetalPro Plus also offer very good results when exposed to flash fire on the Thermo-Man® as well as to electric arc on the Arc-Man®.