Tyres Made More Durable with Kevlar® Fiber

Tyres operate in challenging environments. They must provide traction, wear, and handling while simultaneously providing reduced rolling resistance for improved fuel economy.

When applied in overlays or cap plies, Kevlar® brand fibers help give the tyre and tyre belt package excellent dimensional stability, even at high temperatures/high speeds, essential in high performance tyres.

Kevlar® brand fibers also help offer superb puncture, abrasion and tear resistance. Other benefits include a quieter ride and a reduction in rotational weight, which can help decrease engine strain, and typically results in improved fuel efficiency.

DuPont™ Kevlar® Engineered Elastomer provides enhanced strength, resistance, and traction to tyres. It is used to help stiffen tyre components critical to cornering and handling. Its ability to reinforce rubber compounds, yet maintain low hysteretic losses, helps provide manufacturers with a route to lower rolling resistance.

Kevlar® aramid fiber is made into a continuous-filament yarn available in a broad range of decitex. It is often woven into fabric and twisted and plied into cords.