Kevlar® KM2® Plus

Kevlar® Fibre for Military - KM2 Plus – The Most Protective DuPont Fibre for the Most Hazardous Duty

When counterinsurgency goes kinetic, DuPont responds. It always has. As the threat changes, so must the response, so Kevlar® fibre continues to evolve. Kevlar® KM2 Plus fibre is our highest grade protective fibre for military use and offers increased processability for conversion to woven fabrics and structures for ballistic fabric weavers and body armour manufacturers.

The Kevlar® brand stands for proven protection now and in the future. It will continue to evolve to address future military needs for soldier protection system requirements.

Military combat helmets and tactical vests made of Kevlar® KM2 Plus provide superior resistance against bullets and fragments, while maintaining a lighter weight for increased comfort and mobility. When woven into a fabric, it helps the fabric meet the requirements for military performance specs, including:

  • Fabric flexibility
  • Excellent thermal stability at temperature extremes