Kevlar® Phenolic Prepreg HPA – Efficient Ballistic Protection

DuPont™ Kevlar® Prepreg HPA – Efficient Ballistic Protection

The logistical task of providing forces with the right protection equipment is a challenge that requires a prompt, flexible, effective response.

Combining the ballistic properties of DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fibre with phenolic resin, Kevlar® Prepreg HPA is a high performance material for vehicle armour applications, helping to offer ballistic protection in the toughest of environments. With additional manufacturing benefits such as minimal wastage and enhanced productivity, Kevlar® HPA is a very efficient and cost-effective solution and a material of choice, particularly where fire and flame resistance are important. It helps provide:

  • Excellent ballistic performance for protection against projectiles and fragments
  • Incorporation of Kevlar® high tenacity K129 fibres for lightweight ballistic solutions
  • Outstanding FST performances
  • Proven durability in service
  • Availablity upon request in rolls up to 160cm width, minimizing scrap and reducing overall manufacturing costs
  • Faster curing due to high reactivity of material enables increased helmet or armour production rate
  • Low consolidation pressures and no mold thermal cycling required
  • High rate of productivity bringing cost benefits, particularly for large tenders
  • Easy to manufacture, convenient, cost-effective solution

Developed by DuPont, a science company creating sustainable solutions. DuPont™ Kevlar® Prepreg HPA combines high tenacity Kevlar® K129 fibres with PVB phenolic resin, giving the material its strength and flexibility.

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