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Protection Against Structural Damage with Variable Vapour Resistance

Tyvek® AirGuard® Smart prevents structure damage and loss of insulation efficiency by smartly adapting to various moisture conditions and regulating the humidity in building elements.

Mould damage because of trapped moisture (left) -  healthy construction (right)

Tyvek® AirGuard® Smart adapts:

• to allow faster evacuation of built-in humidity in new constructions elements (e.g. wet rafters)

• to avoid humidity infiltration from the living space into the construction elements during winter

• to allow moisture trapped in the structure to escape into the inside

New construction

Reduced drying out time.

Drying out by moisture migrating back into the building

Renovations from the exterior Allows continuous installation of AVCL from the outside without risking condensation to the upper side of rafters
Flat and pitched roofs with HR (High Resistance) underlay

Only an adaptive AVCL allows drying out in this type of


Use a standard AVCL *    

Why Tyvek® AirGuard® Smart?

  • Reduced drying out time
  • Durability, health and longevity of buildings
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Additional drying capacity for unplanned humidity infiltration
  • Enhanced interior comfort
  • Trusted Tyvek® brand: robustness and durability
  • Part of the Tyvek® system

Variable sd AVCL: the broader the range, the more efficient the humidity control


  • Material Tyvek® with polymeric coating
  • Style 2009B
  • Watertightness acc. to EN13859-1 based on 1928 (A) W1
  • Roll size 1.50 m x 50 m / 7 kg
  • Reaction to fire E
  • Mass per unit area 92 g/m2
  • Water vapour resistance range 1 MNs/g for humid environment (sd 0.2m) to more than 175 MNs/g for dry
  • environment (more than sd 35m)
  • Temperature resistance from -40 °C to +80 °C
  • Maximum tensile force (MD/XD) 380/380 N/50 mm
  • Resistance to tearing (MD/XD) 70/65 N
  • Air permeability (ISO 5636/5) 2000 s
  • CE marking: Yes