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Boost Thermal Insulation With a Strong Reflective Vapour Barrier

DuPont™ AirGuard® Reflective is a low emissivity internal vapour barrier that combined with an airgap can enhance thermal comfort by reflecting up to 95% of radiant heat back into the building.

This strong 100% airtight vapour barrier is specially designed to give maximum thermal performance. Recommended for use with Tyvek® Reflex products, AirGuard® Reflective provides a good way to improve U-values in buildings. A highly vapour and water resistant low emissivity internal vapour barrier, it considerably reduces interstitial condensation as well as improves thermal efficiency by reflecting up to 95% of radiant heat.


Key Benefits of DuPontTM AirGuard® Reflective

  • Considerably reduces risk of condensation into the insulation
  • Considerably reduces convective heat losses
  • Durable barrier due to its superior mechanical strength
  • Reaction to Fire: Class E*
  • CE-conformity for plastic and rubber vapour control layer (EN 13984)
  • BBA-approved

*Installed on mineral wool

Key Properties of DuPontTM AirGuard® Reflective

  • Composition: Composite of polypropylene, polyethylene and an aluminium foil
  • Roll size: 1.5m x 50m
  • Roll weight: 12kg
  • Mass per unit area: 149g/m2
  • Emissivity*: 0.05
  • Water vapour transmission: (Sd) 2000m
  • CE marking: Yes
  • BBA certificates: 08/4548 and 90/2548

*A low emissivity value = high reflectivity = superior thermal performance which boosts your thermal insulation

Effective Condensation Control

When installed continuously with all laps and penetrations sealed, DuPontTM AirGuard® Reflective provides effective condensation control for all building types, including high humidity structures such as swimming pools or textile factories. We recommend using Tyvek® Metallised Tape to seal all laps, penetrations and cuts in the membrane, and also for connections to adjacent airtight layers at roof and floor junctions.

Improved U-Values

When used with a small airspace, the metallised surface of DuPontTM AirGuard® Reflective reflects internally generated heat back into the building, providing a backup to traditional insulation. As a result, airspace thermal resistance can be increased to 0.67m²K/W. This in turn helps reduce heating costs by improving the wall system’s overall U-value.

Installing AirGuard® Reflective

DuPontTM AirGuard® Reflective can be installed either way round, but its reflective surface must always face an airspace. The preferred method is to install it with the reflective side facing into the building, then fix a standard 25mm batten over the membrane.