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Helping customers increase productivity and efficiency from concept to commercialization.

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DuPont resins, polymers, and other solutions enable industries to achieve higher manufacturing yields and increased productivity, quality, and durability.

Solutions for Industries

From polymers and lubricants that stand up to heat, pressure, corrosion, and chemicals to silicone-based additives that enhance functionality and efficiency, our solutions drive industries forward.

Solutions for Exceptional Products

DuPont’s global presence combined with our expertise in design, processing, and formulation enables us to serve a range of industries through every stage of development and production.

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Industrial Innovation

Center of Excellence for Application Training

Customers visit our Technology Centers to work side-by-side with our scientists and engineers to develop new solutions for their toughest challenges. Come see how our application-focused approach can help reduce cost and risk associated with new solutions

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A broad family of performance grades and properties that deliver everything from toughness and stiffness to thermal and chemical resistance.

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Designed and engineered to solve difficult lubrication-related problems and save energy by reducing friction and wear.

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For high-load mechanical applications, such as gears, safety restraints, door systems, conveyor belts, healthcare delivery devices, and components across a range of products and industries.

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The versatile, durable solution that gives designers greater flexibility and strength in a full range of applications.

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Resists more than 1,800 different chemicals; offers the high temperature stability of PTFE (327°C). Maintains seal integrity while reducing maintenance and operating costs and improving safety.

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Custom-made for each application; offers superior sealing while protecting against wear, friction, and high temperatures.

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DuPont Resources for Industrial Products

DuPont™ Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer and Vespel® polyimide parts provide improved solutions for valve applications.

Vespel® products offer a unique combination of physical properties and design flexibility. Parts are available as custom parts, stock shapes, components or assemblies.

DuPont’s “Chemical Resistance Guide,” has long been an important industry resource with performance ratings of 20 elastomers in more than 1,000 chemicals.

The Fluid and Material Handling Application Testing Center of Excellence (COE) is inspired by the belief that science and inclusive innovation are at the heart of solving our customers’ toughest sealing, wear, and friction challenges.

MOLYKOTE® high-performance lubricants are engineered to help you meet your toughest lubrication challenges.


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