Medical Devices

Science-based silicones and polymers that meet the demands of devices that improve health and save lives.


Applications for Medical Devices


Load bearing
Pressure sensitive
Non-sensitizing adhesives
Transdermal patches

Cleaning solvents

Medical materials


Connected for data sharing
Respiratory care
Skin-adhered medical devices
Wearable monitoring

Medical monitoring and diagnostics

External communicating

Silicone tubing

Fluid handling tubes
Gastric feeding tubes

Skin solutions

Stretch marks
Wound care
Scar management

Single-use devices


Surgical devices and components

Cutting edges
Implants (long- and short-term)
Surgical incision drains
Mediastinal drains
Medical inserts
Mesh and fabric coating

Wound care

Burn treatment gauzes and masks
Pressure sore cushions
Roll stock and bandages
Scar treatments


Delivers dimensional stability, resistance to creep, and natural lubricity. 

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Provides flexibility and returns to its molded shape even when subjected to repeated stress.

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Offers stiffness, toughness, excellent electrical insulation properties, and beautiful surface finishes.

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Cost-effective, high-performance polyamides offering strength, durability, and ease of processing.

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Connected Solutions

DuPont partners with you to develop tech-savvy solutions for a smart, connected world.

Our dedicated research team collaborates with manufacturers worldwide to create medical devices that empower patients and promote independence. This includes smart devices that share data between patients and doctors. In short, these devices are transforming modern healthcare.

From drug delivery and monitoring devices to implantables and IV ports, DuPont materials advance medical technology to create more positive patient outcomes.



Discover more ways DuPont materials are advancing healthcare with innovative medical devices.

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