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We transform industries and improve lives through materials science with a broad portfolio that drives innovation.



Farther, faster, longer, safer—that’s the mission behind DuPont aerospace innovations. By collaborating with industry experts, we’ve been able to help solve many challenges, including lighter airframe systems, more comfortable interiors and higher performing engine components.

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Choosing the right material is crucial to balancing the need to design low-emission, lightweight vehicles without compromising performance, comfort or cost. With more than 100 high-performance product families and technologies, and a global network of development experts, DuPont helps the automotive industry deliver efficient vehicles and elevate the driving experience.

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As homes, appliances, and devices become smarter, DuPont collaborates with product designers globally to deliver customized consumer goods faster than ever using e-commerce, 3-D printing, and Industry 4.0 automation for sustainable product development. 

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Electronics & Electrical

From advanced engineering polymers for electrical connectors to cable insulation and jacketing; light, thin, and durable phone housings; and dozens of other innovations, DuPont produces the high-performance materials that are reshaping the industry.

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Your source for silicone and polymer-based technology that advances biopharmaceutical processing, medical device fabrication, transdermal drug delivery, wound care and more. Plus discover innovative packaging materials for medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

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Unrivaled expertise and resources make DuPont the ideal partner for the plastics, composites and specialty lubricants that boost productivity while delivering greater performance durability, and quality in industrial applications.

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