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Proven thermoplastics and resins for your toughest challenges.

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As consumers demand appliances, sporting goods, and furniture that are more connected and perform better, DuPont collaborates with designers globally to deliver products faster than ever.
Our technical and production support team is ready to help you with engineering, molding, and manufacturing operations.

Smart Appliances

Driving the Evolution of the Smart Home

As consumers demand more of their appliances, DuPont helps manufacturers produce automated systems that operate wirelessly to make smart homes even smarter.

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Man using smartphone to control washer and dryer.

Advanced Sporting Goods

Boosting Performance & Connectivity

A new generation of sporting goods driven by innovative, sustainable materials makes it possible to customize gear that keeps people connected to their community for greater health and wellbeing.

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Man running on rocks.

Innovative Furniture

Support for Innovative, Ergonomic Furniture Designs

We help designers by selecting the DuPont polymers that achieve the best match between product specifications and design. We also identify refinements that will make production more efficient and cost-effective.

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Design Freedom Without Sacrificing Performance

Whether your challenge is durability, stiffness, workability, finish or strength, our broad range of thermoplastics support design freedom without sacrificing performance.

And, our application resources are equally mindful of performance, timing, and cost-effectiveness for each project, from smart appliances to sporting goods to furniture.


Appliance parts that maintain shape, appearance, and function in appliances.

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Materials for the unique demands of electrical and electronic systems.

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Deliver stronger, sporting goods—from snowboard bindings to one-piece bicycle wheels.

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For sporting goods that need to bend, flex, twist or turn.

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Our solution for finished plastic parts that must stand up to friction, wear, and resistance.

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The polymer that makes ergonomic furniture like the Aeron™ chair possible.

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DuPont News on Consumer Goods

Jun 13 2019

New collection of insulation products offers soft, dimensionally stable and sustainable options for cold-weather garments and bedding.

Jun 01 2019

DuPont’s Intexar™ stretchable circuitry is game-changing. So is the new business the company built around it.

Hytrel materials offer a more environmentally friendly solution than products that are entirely petroleum-based.


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