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From material stiffness needed for notebook covers to a range of attributes for handhelds, DuPont innovations are the secret ingredients in an array of today’s most sought-after[MK1] consumer products.


Applications for Electronics and Electrical


Delivers[MK6]  toughness and stiffness plus thermal and chemical resistance.

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Combines superior electrical insulation performance with heat resistance[MK7]  and durability.

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Offers greater flexibility, durability, and strength in a range of applications.

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Ideal for applications such as coil forms and electrical encapsulation.

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Combines the toughness of thermoplastic elastomers with the advantages of silicone.

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Sharing and improving polymer-based innovation.


Across the globe, there is a movement toward manufacturing efficiency, sustainability, and lighter weight, durable, tactile products. This trend demands greater [MK8] cooperation to address needs, region by region. That’s why DuPont has built innovation centers focused on polymers in eleven strategic locations worldwide. These facilities are critical to applying DuPont global materials[MK9] science solutions to local challenges, large and small.

Whether it’s a new way to integrate parts or just an innovative idea for using high-performance [MK10] polymers, these centers ensure companies across the globe have access to the newest ideas.

Concept and specification development, prototyping, engineering, [MK11] and manufacturing assistance – all are available through these innovation centers. 

As part of these regional development efforts, we also offer our partners access to DuPont labs and manufacturing facilities that are devoted to polymer innovations.

By developing specific applications based on the needs of local designers, part manufacturers,[MK12] and OEMs, DuPont uses the innovation centers to build a stronger value chain across the globe.



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