Electrical and Electronics Cable Insulation and Jacketing

DuPont specialty elastomers are at the core of strong, durable connections around the world––in applications ranging from data transmission to bridges and robotics.


Applications for Electronics and Electrical


Joining the trend toward renewable sources.


DuPont is working with its customers and other partners to meet the growing demand for products that are rooted in non-traditional, environmentally friendly materials.

A case in point: In 2009, Salomon, a leading sporting goods supplier, used our Hytrel® RS thermoplastic elastomer in its Ghost freerider alpine ski boot. 

The company chose Hytrel® RS because it provides the high-performance characteristics of traditional Hytrel® materials, but it is more environmentally friendly than products that are entirely petroleum-based.  Hytrel® RS was developed using a renewably sourced polyol derived from non-food renewable sources. 

Hytrel® RS products allow customers to reduce the petroleum-based materials in their products while continuing to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

As the need for alternatively sourced products grows, DuPont’s portfolio of renewably sourced polymers will continue to lead the trend, giving designers an alternative palette from which to develop exciting new ideas.



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