Biopharmaceutical Processing

Products and expertise that meet the demands of regulatory requirements as well as processes designed to improve efficiency.


Ready for Biologics

The rise of biologics and single-use systems is driving the growth for biopharmaceutical processing. DuPont makes the materials that make these systems possible.

Our high-purity, low-permeability silicone tubing provides very low extractables and high resistance to leaching. This makes it an ideal choice for the transfer of separated biopharma actives.

Fluid transfer processes rely on custom-molded tubing assemblies. We fabricate over-molded assemblies that offer high-purity fluid transfer. Plus, with improvements to process efficiency, changeovers are faster, reducing the risk of leakage and cross-contamination.

Biopharma processing equipment requires seals that provide resistance to chemicals and high temperatures. DuPont provides the materials of choice for increased productivity, better and safer production, and long shelf life.  



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